Guided walks and tours around Guernsey

Guided Coastal Walks 2023

Every Saturday from April 1st to 30th September : 2 – 4 pm : £10 per head

The walks are circular and take approx 2 hours and all start from a bus stop with toilets and refreshments nearby. No need to book, just turn up!

There are 4 different walks on each Saturday in the month — Vazon first Saturday; Pleinmont second Saturday; L’Eree third Saturday; Pembroke fourth Saturday; and Jerbourg when there is a 5th Saturday in the month.

Please see coastal walk dates below:

1st - Vazon
8th - Pleinmont (BHW)
15th - L`Eree
22nd - Pembroke
29th - Jerbourg (BHW)

6th - Vazon (BHW)
13th - Pleinmont
20th - L`Eree (SWF)
27th - Pembroke (SWF, BHW)

3rd - Vazon (SWF)
10th - Pleinmont
17th - L`Eree
24th - Pembroke

1st - Vazon
8th - Pleinmont
15th - L`Eree
22nd - Pembroke
29th - Jerbourg

5th - Vazon
12th - Pleinmont
19th - L`Eree
26th - Pembroke (BHW)

2nd - Vazon
9th - Pleinmont
16th - L`Eree (AWF)
23rd - Pembroke (AWF)
30th - Jerbourg (AWF)

Vazon: Vistas
Pleinmont: Imperial turn around
L`Eree: opposite old L`Eree Hotel
Pembroke: Pembroke Bay bus turn around
Jerbourg: Hotel Jerbourg

SWF: Spring Walking Festival
AWF: Autumn Walking Festival
BHW: Bank Holiday Weekend

Note: The Shell Shrine will be open every Saturday for the Vazon walk

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