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Tim became a tour guide primarily because of his great interest in local history but specifically military history in connection with the Second World War, Napoleonic and pre-Napoleonic times. He also has a keen interest in the pre-historic times. He has established four walks:

Fortifications, Pre-History and Disaster

(L’Eree Headland) A tour which brings to life his passion for World War II German and Napoleonic history and fortifications around the L’Eree headland area. This circular walk also takes in a Neolithic/Bronze Age passage grave and other Neolithic stone building, features of the Ice Ages, the best preserved WWII German trenches in the island, the wreck of the ‘Prosperity’ – as well as existing German and Napoleonic fortifications. The walk concludes with a look in a preserved German anti-tank bunker.

The Military History of L'Ancresse and Pembroke

This tour takes in the area between Fort Le Marchant and Fort Pembroke and focuses on the important and interesting military history of this area from the late 18th Century to the German Occupation during the Second World War. There are many period photographs to help visualise the past. If time permits, a visit to a newly opened-up and preserved anti-aircraft German command bunker is possible.

The Secrets and History of the Jerbourg Peninsula

This tour is a circular walk around the Jerbourg headland and focuses on the history of this area since pre-historic times, but primarily on the World War II German fortifcations of this area, including stores of the first British commando raids of the war. As in his other walks, there are plenty of period photographs to help bring the past to life.

The Secrets of the Mirus Gun Battery

A tour of one of the four vast German underground batteries that made up the largest gun battery in the Channel Islands. This particular one is the best preserved and shows how much effort went into Hitler’s directive of October 1941- making Guernsey into an impregnable fortress. This tour is brought to life with many photographs taken at the time of its construction and use.

As well as these tours, Tim is also happy to arrange bespoke tours in the island, connected with local military history up until the Second World War.

Tim Osborne
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